Homesickness while hating those damn Aussies

Last night while deciding on the next great adventure in Peru, I suddenly felt homesick. I had my first drink of Milo in ages and it tasted like home. I think Milo is Australian but I could be wrong, and it doesn’t matter anyway who claims it. All I know is that I was caught… Read More

Perdon, I want to be serious for a moment

  When I first pitched this blog, it was supposed to be about my awkward exchanges conversing in Spanish. Yet this week there was little time to buy food at the market or to go to a restaurant or even to drink (until Wednesday night anyway). I’m not sure when I’ve been more stressed before… Read More

People and their creatures

  There are some days with no expectations tied to them that contain the best moments. Such a case happened the day after my birthday. It began painfully as I was in a class on how to teach English all day while enduring a birthday hangover. But then I took some photographs across town including… Read More