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Spanish online

I had a bad earache during the week, and on my way out of the chemist, I ducked into the bookstore next door. That’s when I found the travel section, and more importantly, the Spanish book for dummies. It’s been quite useful. The first chapter is taking me through pronunciation […]

Yo aprendiendo Espanol

Tratare de escribir este blog en espanol con poca traduccion de Google.  I will try to write this blog in Spanish with little Google translation. Mi espanol no es bien. Es malo.  My Spanish is not good. It is bad. Quiero escribe mejor.  I want to write better. Es dificil. […]

Bullshit in Ecuador

One of the biggest weaknesses in navigating South America is not being able to count higher than six. The best way to practice counting is to play Bullshit while waiting in line at the Ecuador border. I did this yesterday. Bullshit is a game requiring lies and deceit. The aim […]