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The crazy town of Machu Picchu

There’s a bombardment of market stalls, souvenirs, and statues of the Incas, and all in your face the moment you leave the train. The mountains loom above and the first thing you instinctively do in Aguas Calientes is look above to see if you might be able to see the […]

A teacher’s day in Peru

7.00am: I spent my first night in my new place in the northern Peruvian city of Trujillo. I do not know where my new place is in the city, so my landlord walks me to my school. It takes only 10 minutes. What complicates matters is I know limited Spanish, […]

In a Hostel

It’s not much of a blog post But it is a real moment. I am in a hostel near tbe plaza. My bqck is sore from carrying around my backpack yesterday. I have moved out of the apartment with no permanent place to go to. But this place is nice […]

End of an era

“Three South Africans, a Canadian, and an Australian share a house together for six months. What can go wrong? How many seasons will we get before God cancels on us?” I wrote this about seven months ago about a month before we moved into an apartment together when I noted […]