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Chris B.


I know it’s the wine talking. I know it. But how can I feel so isolated, yet I do, when I listen to the music of Julieta Venegas? I love a woman I don’t know, I love a woman who I can only hear. Nobody else here know who she […]

Trip cancelled?

IT HAS been a year since I left Peru, and in three weeks I would return. But I don’t see how that’s going to happen, what this Covid-19. Even if I could go there with the knowledge the borders in both countries will be open, would it be responsible? Probably […]

Voy a volver

THE worklife has been consuming. And I don’t mind that so much at all, because when it is consuming, life seems to go by faster. I have a Spanish lesson every weekend, I clean, cook, and maybe buy some collectible cards from the local hobby shop. But in 27 days, […]

On reaching 30: A birthday monologue

Back in early high school of the early noughties, when I liked Playstation 1 and Wheatus, there’s one moment I recall in between bland vacant times of no meaning. My teacher’s aid was having a bad day. She was turning 30. “I’m old,” she said, miserably. She was cool, someone […]